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Front view of the boilerControl panelCondensing module

Technical Specifications

Heat output C.H.:23.7 Kw
Heat output D.H.W.:27.7 Kw
Dimension (HxWxD mm):763 x 440 x 303
Type:Combined boiler
Modulating heat output:23 - 100 %
User-friendly interface
Digital display
Outdoor installation

Description, accessories and download instruction manuals

Heat output:  24 kW (central heating mode) / 28 kW (DHW production mode).
VICTRIX EXA 1 ErP is the new-generation boiler range, born for new installations and the replacemnet of existing systems. Designed to meet the new ErP and EL European Directives requirements on energy use, VICTRIX EXA 1 ErP boilers make high system efficiency classes both in central heating and DHW production easier and easier to achieve.
Key factors in the new range energy efficiency performances are the stainless steel condensing module and the new low energy consumption circulation pump. Power output modulation range up to 23 % of the overall capacity.

The user-friendly interface has adjustment knobs, selection buttons and LCD display, showing the operating status and any error codes. VICTRIX EXA 1 ErP boilers could be remotely controlled by means of PCs, smartphones and tablet touchscreens (DOMINUS app will be available starting from December 2015). The connection pipes covering panel is supplied as a standard, for the most harmonious integration with the whole domestic style.
Certified to be installed indoor as well as outdoor in partially sheltered places thanks to the IPX5D electric protection, the boiler is supplied with a -5°C anti-freeze kit as standard.