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OPEN DAY Immergas Europe 2016: “The boilers of the future are born in Poprad”

POPRAD 16 settembre 2016

The President of Slovak Republic Andrej Kiska, together with the new Immergas President of Immergas Alfredo Amadei officially inaugurated the assembly line of the new boilers “Exa” , oriented to improve the energy saving and the environmental sustainability.
The investment realized in Immergas Europe Poprad plant is evaluable in 1M Euro and increases the importance of this strategic area for the business development which is the Tatra region.
 “Such an event, such an investment – said the President of Slovak Republic Kiska – are opening the doors to our common future. Today, here in Immergas, I am proud to be the President of Slovakia: I am proud to see rewarded the efforts of Slovak Workers who partecipated and are participating to Immergas development plan. I am proud to see an Italian Company strongly believing in the potential of this Country.”
“The inauguration of this assembly line in Poprad – commented the new Immergas President Alfredo Amadei – follows the line we started to trace in 2014 with the startup of the automatized assembly line in our historical production plant located in Brescello (Reggio Emilia, Italy): that time we invested 2M Euro which granted the increase of the safety standard and the safeguarding of jobs (almost 700 employees). The line continued with the startup of a new production plant for the Iranian market in Qazvin.  The soul and brain of Immergas are not leaving Italy, where we are realizing the new Research and Development Centre, but the choice we did to produce, here in Poprad, the new “Exa” boilers, which will serve the global market, is an important event to enhance the international dimension of our Corporation. This new growth step corresponds to 1 Million Euro investment, which will increase Immergas Europe´s job and market opportunities.”
Aside the new assembly line, further investments were launched by Immergas Europe in the last 3 years.
“We carried a Greenfield investment and built the factory in record time – explained Immergas Europe managing director Leonardo Perla – the first stone was placed in 2007, and in 2008, May the first boiler exited the assembly line. The total owned real estate surface grew from 2008´s 6.800 square meters to today´s 15.300 square meters, granting a strengthening of the productive and logistic structure for our future development. This year, in only 6 weeks, we equipped the plant with brand new social areas used by our employees during their resting time and we´ll go on looking after their comfort because, in Slovakia as in Italy, the most important asset for Immergas is people”.
The new assembly line, realized by Immergas Engineering and Automation department in cooperation with local companies, is equipped with advanced technologies matured in 50 years of experience.
It is a strong signal of Italian – Slovak cooperation, just in the year when the latter is holding the Presidency of the EU  Council for the first time.
In 8 years of activity Immergas Europe staff grew from 43 to 83 units; in the same time the turnover passed from 17,9 to 39,9 million Euro and produced appliances from  72.000 (in 2009) to 154.000 (in 2015).
“we are observing a doubling of all the main performance indexes of the Company – confirms Alfredo Amadei – and the profit is robust enough to sustain new investments”.
8 years have been passed since Immergas Europe debuted on the scene.
In Slovakia Immergas has always found an investor friendly climate based on positive and constructive dialogue with local authorities who as well participated to the inauguration of the new assembly lines. A competitive plus which gave a contribution to start up the new project and to open the doors to the next ones”.
The President of the Italian – Slovak Chamber of Commerce, of the Slovak Banking Association and CEO of VUB Banka (Intesa San Paolo) Alexander Resch, stressed the value of the Italian Industry´s presence in Slovakia: “This is a Country which continues to represent an enormous opportunity of growth”.
Poprad Major Jozef Švagerko thanked Immergas and all its employees: “Watching Italian and Slovak people, building together in 8 years such a successful business, is a reason I have to be extremely optimistic. Immergas is for our town a permanent presence and this investment is here to confirm it"