Immergas Europe s.r.o.


History and growth

Immergas Europe s.r.o. was established in 2006, October the 19th by the Italian holding Immerfin, owner of the well known manufacturing company Immergas S.p.A., operating in the gas boiler market since 1964 and gradually become one of the leading competitor in Europe and Worldwide.

The establishment of Immergas Europe, first Immerfin Group production plant located outside of Italian borders, can be considered as a milestone in the internationalization process of the Italian group; process which started in the early 90es and continued incessantly, throughout the grand opening of several subsidiaries in Europe , Turkey and China.

The project, conceived by the entrepreneurial will of Amadei and Carra families and entrusted to the plant manager Leonardo Perla, began with the composition of a management team that reflects the best values ​​of the Central European experience. In 2008 the first traditional boilers, in 2011 the first water heaters were manufactured. The project was then developed with further investments in industrial properties and new assembly lines carried out in 2013; with the continued growth in productivity, product quality and service; with the diversification and a continued consolidation of the company's economic position.

Immergas Europe is now a successful actor in the Slovakian economic landscape, with its 100 employees and a local outsourcing built month by month.
Immergas Europe is actively involved in business and economic life of the Country, socially involved in the green heart of Europe, Slovakia, with the same passion with which Immergas, by fifty years, is focusing on its mission in the very genuine soul of Italy, the region of Emilia.